I didn’t really expect writing a blog to be easy. Ok, I kind of did. I figured I’d just write whatever came out of my head, do a quick edit for grammar and clarity, and bung it up on the screen. But I didn’t expect the first post to be easy. After all, I haven’t written anything here yet, and so I’ve got nothing to build on.

I’m not totally sure why I’m doing this, even. As I said in a discussion before signing up, even though I maintained a semi-regular livejournal back when all my friends were there, I see that as different from this. LJ was essentially a conversation with a small group of trusted friends. That was the appeal for me, and that’s what I miss about it. (I do still have the LJ, but, well, my friends mostly aren’t there anymore, so I don’t have anyone to talk to.)

“Blogging” is different. For blogging, you’re supposed to have a purpose. You’re supposed to write about politics or religion or science or knitting or kittens or knitting religious kittens or something. You’re not just supposed to spew out whatever comes into your head, which is basically what I used to do on LJ. Unless you’re really good at writing funny spew, that is, in which case you can blather away.

Three paragraphs is a good start, I think. Three’s a good number, right? Because I’m pretty much done now. Maybe now that I’ve got something down on the metaphorical paper, I’ll be able to get the next segment down. Because it turns out I don’t want to write just garbage. I’d like to actually write something worth reading.