Characters: R., a daddy
                         L., a mommy
                         M., a toddler

Setting: Mommy and Daddy are sitting on opposite sides of a small dining table.  M. brings four large juice bottles over to the table, one by one, and then carefully lines them up in front of his plate between the two adults.


R: Hey, M! Shall we count the juices? How many juices are there?

M points to one bottle with each word.

M: Twooooo, one, twooo, wed, two, ahwange!

R. and L. both laugh.

R: Did he say “two, one, two, red, orange?”

L: No, he said “two, one, two, red, TWO, orange.”

R: M, let’s try again. One juice…

R. and M. begin pointing to each juice in turn.

M: Ooooone joosh…

R: Two juices.

M: Toooo joochish…

R: Three juices.

M: Toooo joochish…

R: No, three juices…

M: Fweee joochish…

R: Four juices.

M: Toooo joochish…

R and L both laugh again.

R: Ok, he’s stuck on – ok, here, what if we just do the numbers? What if we just count with the numbers? One…”

R. and M. recommence pointing to the juices.

M: Tooo… Fweee… Fo- AHWANGE!”

R. facepalms as L. dissolves into laughter.