1. Chrome found zero hits for “67dc f+wsa25tgs3uhhhhhhhhgh fwq” in the tab open to my Hotmail account.
  2. My phone now offers to autocorrect “Zads” to “Zadßqpj”.
  3. Opened the web browser on my phone to find a List of names of Odin on Wikipedia – somehow he actually managed to enter “Ygg” as a search term.
  4. “Showing results for Nj Jvvnl / No results found for Njjjngvvnml
  5. I have the following recent calls on my phone: “09#####0888777774477744774*445800” and “47148#3**0000000”
  6. He changed the aspect ratio on our TV. We didn’t know that was a thing it could do. We’re not sure how it changed back to normal, either.
  7. Did you know that you can actually enter the letter ‘P’ on our landline phones? You can. I don’t know how to do that, either.